【 Name 】Lucky
【 Age 】 19
【 Gender 】 Male
【 Height 】 5'2
【 Orientation 】 Gay
【 Species 】 Black cat with bat wings
【 Music 】Kerosene

Lucky is very spiritual and is also a witch that practices magic! 

He protects the dead resting in cemeteries and makes sure spirits can cross over.

Likes : graveyards, halloween, ghosts, sanrio, dolls, plushies, pink cutesy things

Dislikes : cheese, loud noises, bugs, babies, things not being clean

Lucky can be very sensitive and shy, but loves his friends ~ 

He is a huge scaredy cat but enjoys horror films and creepy things!

 Lucky's style could be described as scene with added goth elements, he loves pink and black! He loves incorporating cute things into his dark style. 




Anthro: 5'2 and has a small twinky body

Feral: Very petite and slim build  (not quite as big as an average adult)

Has freckles on cheeks and light blue or pink eyes

Bat wings and heart shaped tail are optional

He has short typical fur and light blue emo hair

 He can be drawn with any ear/lip piercings or cute hair clips

                                            CLOTHING REF




He is a black cat but I tend to color him with dark blue fur with my style.

He can be drawn black/dark grey/dark blue depending on your coloring style!

I am very open to Lucky being drawn with gore, blood, and NSFW

Please do not draw him in complete nudity unless stated otherwise!

(Do NOT draw him with other characters in sexual art) 

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